Rangatiratanga in practice

Students bringing their “A” game to school.

Kia ora koutou. Talofa. Kia Orana. Malo e lelei. Bula. Fakaalofa atu. Namaste and Kumusta. Greetings to everyone at Te Aratai College and our wider Te Aratai community.


Last May I wrote about some of our students who were choosing to behave in anti-social ways. This was contrary to one of the uara-values we, students and staff, had then adopted for Te Aratai College: Rangatiratanga – self determination and self management. 

This article is similar to this. We have had an increase of certain students who are being disrespectful towards staff, and not going to class either wandering the school grounds or leaving school.

Sometimes this disrespect is swearing at staff.

I am not happy with this group of students for while they are a small minority they are disrupting learning of other students and creating extra difficulties for staff and this is simply not fair.

To be explicit I am expecting all students to step up and manage themselves, our uara of Rangatiratanga – self determination and self management – and I would appreciate whānau discussing this with their children.

Deans have already begun conversations with these disrupting students and their whānau to assist these students be the best that they can be and play their part for our Te Aratai College learning culture.

Over the coming week I will be visiting classes to speak with students about this and I will be discussing it with our new Board at our first hui later this week.

Again, so I am explicit with us all, I am expecting to see these conversations result in improved commitment. 

Schools can be complicated places.

There are many staff available to assist if whānau have a particular question. Contacting me can also be arranged through the office or my direct email is en@linwoodcollege.school.nz

My door is open.

Ngā mihi nui

Richard Edmundson