Learning at Te Aratai College

Te Aratai College provides a strengths- based education, founded on belonging and diversity. We achieve personal excellence through growth and grit.

Te Aratai provides learning pathways to the future, creating for all learners the expectation and opportunities to:

  • achieve success
  • experience wellbeing and develop resilience
  • become lifelong learners who actively contribute to their communities

At Te Aratai College, all learners enthusiastically access the New Zealand curriculum
as evidenced by their academic progress and NCEA. We encourage both learners and teachers to aim for personal excellence, so that our learners’ personal pathways connect beyond their college years into their future.

The Learning Pathway

Te Aratai has an eye on the future for every one of its learners. Our learners are active shapers of their futures, rather than passive consumers. Te Aratai learners are equipped with the global employment attributes, particularly digital understanding, to be happy and successful
in their future lives and careers.

That is why we believe in a “pathwayed curriculum.” This means the school, our learners and their families and whānau all know how the learning at Te Aratai connects to the learners’ present interests and their post-school futures. Our curriculum is dynamic, challenging and exciting, enabling learners to expand their visions and define their own personal ambitions for the future.