Learning Support

Learning Acceleration at Te Aratai College

‘Learning Acceleration’ is the name given to our Learning Area/Department. Our kaupapa is to support our ākonga (students) who have a need for extra learning support. The term ‘Learning Acceleration’ deliberately focuses on creating a positive focus on developing the skills of our ākonga.

We support our ākonga through a mix of in-class support as well as alternative pathways for learning within the school framework. We have 14 Learning Assistants as well as four specialist teachers and a Learning Support Coordinator who support these pathways.  While our kaimahi (staff) in Learning Acceleration are trained teachers and skilled Learning Assistants, we are not able to diagnose the underlying cause of challenges our ākonga may be experiencing. For example, we cannot diagnose anyone with ‘ADHD’ or Dyslexia. However, we are able to carry out some basic education-based assessments when we are concerned about an ākonga. This helps us to be able to support them and their teachers with strategies that may help. We work alongside all other Learning Areas at Te Aratai College in supporting our ākonga and are especially connected with the Guidance Department and the Deans.

We offer four alternative pathway programmes to ākonga who may benefit from these.

Staff Contacts

If you would like more information on any of above please email Head of Department, Tracey Jongens

Head of Department